We have been in the academic assistance field for over 7 years and have successfully mentored students through the curriculum in to achieving ultimate success in their academics. Our goal oriented vision of continuous improvement of our services and customer feedback has catapulted us to the creation on an innovative and exclusive online service: PaperBackEssays.com



PaperBackEssays.com is a unique academic assistance tool that allows customers and writers to work hand in hand towards a mutually satisfying outcome by direct communication and facilitating the clients the ability to manage their orders and only upon request will the system admin be involved.

Key aspects:

1. Customer can request a specific writer, Monitor and supervise the writer while making suggestions to the writer.

2. Customer can request for paper previews before submission of the final paper. This enables the customer to put in suggestions and steer the writer in the right direction.

3. Customer has overall discretion to rate the writer´s performance through sharing their feedback thus ensuring writer´s ratings are adequate and transparent.

What´s more our customers are not required to commit to a writer but can choose a writer whose way of approach they like thus further creating competition hence improving the overall quality of work

On the other hand we have come up with an innovative way of rating our clients based on their ability to give instructions in an effective way and cooperation thus writers also can choose the customer they would like to work with.

In summary, Paperback essays.com offers a unique, simple, and convenient way for our customers to achieve that elusive desired grade and in return offers professional writers a platform to do what they know best. It´s a win, win outcome for both sides. We are the only essay writing company that can guarantee you this standard. Try us today!

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