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ArduinoВ LabВ 1 – TheВ VoltageВ DividerВ

FallВ 2009В

Arduino Lab one particular - The Voltage Divider

1 . Introduction

In this lab, we will certainly endanger a cute creature, create a portal to another dimension, and invent a new genre of music. Along the way, all of us will learn about breadboarding, voltage dividers, photoresistors, and making use of the TOMYUM SynthScope with MATLAB.

2 . Some fundamental Circuit Theory

Circuits are generally designed to accomplish some sort of fixed task, such as blinking a light or amplifying a sound signal. Often , nevertheless , you will want to add user input to your circuit, so that you can transform its habit on the fly (for example, environment the blink rate or perhaps adjusting volume). A common method of doing this is by using a potentiometer. A potentiometer looks like this kind of:

A potentiometer is a three‐terminal device. The resistance between the two outermost terminals, R1‐3, is frequent (this regular value is in fact written on the side of the potentiometer), but the middle terminal (2) acts as a " wiper” that slides back and forth along the resistor as you rotate the potentiometer. Therefore , R1‐2 and R2‐3 change, however sum R1‐2 + R2‐3 = R1‐3 is continuous. Note that the potentiometer can be symmetrical. In cases like this, we will be making use of the potentiometer as an suggestions to a MATLAB program, together with the TOMYUM SynthScope as an intermediary. Nevertheless , the SynthScope— like many devices— steps voltages, not resistance, thus we must find a way to convert a change in resistance to a change in volt quality.

Enter the volt quality divider.


ArduinoВ LabВ 1 – TheВ VoltageВ DividerВ

FallВ 2009В

This is a circuit schematic showing a potentiometer used as a volts divider:

Through simple routine analysis, it might be shown that:

Now, seeing that R1‐3 can be constant, and R2‐3 is going to range from zero Ω to R1‐3 Ω, we can see that Vout will change linearly from 0 Versus to Vin V, proportional to R2‐3. In essence, we certainly have created a straightforward way for you control the voltage Vout (by turning the potentiometer).

3. Introduction to the Arduino Platform

In front of you is a extremely capable micro-controller – the Arduino Duemilanove:

Yours may be like the one on the right, since it has the protoshield attached. This really is an extension panel that extends the pin headers within the main panel while also providing a breadboard prototyping surface. You'll find that the board has plenty of contacts. In this laboratory, we will be hooking up the board with the USB connection (no exterior power supply is usually required) and then using the Analog Inputs and power cable connections on the panel.


ArduinoВ LabВ 1 – TheВ VoltageВ DividerВ

FallВ 2009В


If your computer system already offers ArduinoUploader please skip to " Pulsating the Arduino” The first step in this lab should be to download the software required. The essential files can be found on the AQUEL 205 internet site under the Arduino link. You should have the created firmware file (main. hex), the Arduino Uploader file (ArduinoUploader), as well as the folder that contain the MATLAB functions (synthscope-lab).

1 . Conserve both the firmware file plus the Arduino Uploader folder to the C drive (C: \users). a. BE AWARE: RCA computers only need primary. hex in the event not within C: \users. 2 . Lower or duplicate main. hex and place that in the ArduinoUploader folder. a. NOTE: Not required on RCA computers

3. Save the MATLAB capabilities to your S drive (remember this location). a. NOTICE: MATLAB Features are found on 205 website, not BlackBoard. -Flashing the Arduino- (Windows XP/Vista)

1 . Connecting Arduino to pc

a. Right-click on " My Computer” on the personal pc

b. Just click " Properties”

c. Replace the tab to " Hardware”

d. Just click " Device Manager”

at the. Click " OK” the moment error communication opens

farreneheit. Open up " Ports (COM & LPT)” by pressing the " +” sign g. Knowing which plug-ins are currently exhibited, plug UNIVERSAL SERIES BUS cable in to Arduino and then a free USB socket in computer

h. The new COM port quantity is the Arduino board

i. If the brand new COM amount...


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