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Leo Nikolaivich Tolstoy came to be on Aug 28, 1828 to Queen Marie Volkonsky and Depend Nicolas Tolstoy. Tolstoy was developed at Yasnaya Polyana, the Volkonsky manor house on the road to Kieff in Russia. It was here that he was to pay the majority of his adult lifestyle. Leo was the fourth and last child of the family; they also got one child. Tolstoy's mother died when he was 18 months old, an event that would permanently affect his feelings regarding women and motherhood. His daddy died once Tolstoy was nine years of age, and the children grew up with many different aunts. In respect to Tolstoy, one of those aunts, Tatiana Yergolsky, " acquired the greatest influence on [his] life" since she taught him " the meaningful joy of affection. " All four Tolstoy sons attended the University of Kazan. A great irregular college student, Tolstoy examined law, yet he was even more attracted by high culture than by rote learning methods utilized at the University or college. When his brother Nicolas finished school and enlisted in the Russian military, Tolstoy took good thing about the opportunity to keep as well. This individual went to St Petersburg and Moscow, where he led a debauched your life and claimed in his record that " I are living such as a beast. " In The spring 1851 Nicolas, disturbed by the direction of his brother's life, confident him to head for the Caucasus Mountain range with Nicolas' artillery division. Their voyage to the Caucasus, over area and ocean, was to make up the backbone of Leo's 1861 novel The Cossacks. Tolstoy became a soldier and stayed in the Caucasus' for three years, in which he wrote his first new, В Childhood, in the cold weather of 1851-1852. It was published in a leading St . Petersburg review, Sovremennik, in September 1852. The review could also serialize some of Tolstoy's later performs, includingBoyhood and Youth. When the Crimean Warfare broke in 1853, Tolstoy was utilized in the front. During his experience of the War in Sebastopol, he had the first of a large number of religious awakenings, believing that he required to " make a new religious beliefs...