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In LADMER system, T stands for freedom as the first step which decides the following aspects, except: a. onset of actions c. rate of consumption b. type of preparation d. bioavailability

The greatest evaluation of dosage varieties or delivery system is in: a. mold time c. clinical efficiency b. density d. flavor

Factor that contributes to patient's difference in drug attention in the body, except: a. bodyweight c. grow older

b. obesity d. local climate

A rate limiting factor in the dissolution of drugs is:

a. disintegration of the tablet c. content order, regularity

b. width d. neighborhood effect

The result of reduced particle size of a medication is:

a. increased consumption c. improved hardness

b. increased disintegration d. every one of them

A cause of patient to patient variability of time span of the medicine in the plasma is: a. disease c. genetic in origin

w. concomitant medication therapy d. all of the over

Dissolution price tests may be used to predict bioavailability if: a. dissolved medicine remains free of charge in the GIT

b. mixed drug is decomposed inside the GIT

c. drug can be hydrolyzed inside the GIT

d. all of them

Eradication half-life of your drug is a time in several hours needed to lessen drug attention to: a. half of the parent drug c. all or taken dose b. one fourth with the initial medication dosage d. a & m

Tmax means:

a. time of great solubility of the medication

c. moments of peak concentration

b. peak height concentration

d. AUC values






10. To generally increase the solubility of your poorly soluble drug in an aqueous channel, the process is usually: a. complexation c. put together into a offshoot b. sponging d. a & c

11. The ionization constant of a drug is important in bioavailability as it determines the next, except: a. its aqueous solubility c. pH from the medium n. dissolution charge d. extent of necessary protein binding

doze. The difference in bioavailability of any drug product of the same therapeutic agent is because of: a. difference in formulation ingredients c. difference in methods of manufacture b. difference in presentation d. a & c

13. Which usually of the ravenscroft forms supply the best grave rate? a. meta-stable polymorph c. stable polymorph b. amorphous m. a and b

13. The end of contract of action of a medication is determined by:

a. excretion of intact lively molecule

b. excretion of active molecule

c. tissues redistribution

m. a & c



15. Pharmaceutical variation are medication products that have: a. the same amounts of effective drugs

n. identical numbers of inactive ingredients

c. similar amounts of excipients

d. all the above

16. The purpose of biotransformation reaction is:

a. deactivate the medicine

b. maintain the drug from damage

c. enhance elimination of inactive medication

d. a & c


18. The advantage of sublingual/buccal administration is:



a. no event of stomach degradation

w. drug immediately in the circulation

c. not pass to the liver

m. a & c












18. The integral from the drug level over time via zero to infinity is definitely: a. biologic half-life c. bioavailability

w. area beneath the curve g. biopharmaceutics

19. The rate and extent from which the medication appears inside the bloodstream is referred to as: a. biopharmaceutics c. bioavailability

b. region under the contour d. biologic half-life

20. An non-active or very much...


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