Chocolate Dissertation

1 ) 0 Introduction

Candy is a crucial ingredient in many foods such as milk shakes, candy bars, cookies and cereals. It can be ranked among the most favorite flavor in North America and Europe (Swift, 1998). Inspite of its reputation, most people have no idea the unique origins of this popular treat. Candy is a product that requires complicated procedures to produce. The process involves harvesting cocaina, refining cocaina to cocoa beans, and shipping the cocoa espresso beans to the production factory to get cleaning, training and mincing. These cacao beans are imported or perhaps exported abroad and be transformed into different type of chocolate products (Allen, 1994).

On sixteen March 2011, we had led by Doctor Lau Wei Hong to possess a visit to the Beryl's chocolate factory which is located in Serdang. In the field visit, we had discovered about the ability and the information about the manufacturing process of chocolate. There were known that Beryl's is actually all about providing the best chocolate in Malaysia. Beryl's Chocolate today offers more than 100 varieties of chocolate to suit just about every customer feelings and desire.

2 . 0List of Beryl's Chocolate Products

we. Panned Delicious chocolate

| |

Cashew Milk Chocolate| Almond bittersweet chocolate| Aggio almond mlk chocolate| | |

| |

Various Milk Chocolate| Almond white chocolate| Various Milk Chocolate| | |

| |

Yoghurt raisin white chocolate| Chocolate 5 in 1| Almond Milk Chocolate


ii. Pub Chocolate

| |

Coconut joy bar chocolate| Hazelnut bar chocolate| Fruits & Almonds bar chocolate| | |

Kernel bar chocolate| Assorted tavern chocolate 5 in 1| Fruit & Nuts bar chocolate| | |

iii. Camior Bar Chocolates

| |

Milk Prailines chocolate| Almond dairy chocolate| Hazelnut milk chocolate| | |

| |

Bittersweet chocolate| Assorted chocolates 3 in 1| Tiny Carrior various chocolate| | |

| |

Lumination no sweets added Bittersweet chocolate| Mild no sugar added hazelnut chocolate| Light no sugars added salted peanuts milk chocolate

iv. Mini Chocolates

| |

Dark bitter chocolate| Strawberry white colored chocolate| Assortito Chocolate| | |

Mint & Bitter Chocolate| Black & White Chocolate| Dark Chocolate 80% Cacao| | |

Dark Chocolate With Wafer| Blood White Chocolate With Wafer| Blueberry White Chocolate With Wafer| | |

Mini Delicious chocolate 4 in 1| Cherish Coin Milk Chocolate| Endroit Dark Chocolate 54% Cacao

sixth is v. Ghana Chocolate

| |

Strawberry White Chocolate| Ghana Hazelnut Milk Chocolate| Borneo Almond Milk Chocolate| | |

| |

85g Bar Chocolate 3 in you

- White| Ecuador Mass Dark Chocolate 72% Cacao|

| |

vi. Fruit Placer

| |

Fruits Fiesta Delicious chocolate

- Blueberry| Fruits Fiesta Chocolate

- Green Apple| Fruits Fiesta Chocolate

-- Mango

| |

| |

Fruits Fiesta Candy

- Rockmelon| |

vii. Tiramisu

| |

Tiramisu Almond White-colored Chocolate| Tiramisu Almond Chocolate| Tiramisu Salted peanuts Milk Chocolate| | |

| |

Tiramisu Dairy Chocolate| |

| |

3. 0Percentage of Energy in Milk and Milk-free Chocolate

The Percentage of Energy from Protein, Fat and Carbohydrate in Milk and Milk-Free Chocolate

| |

| В Types| % Energy Contribution

| Protein| Fat| Carbs

Plain Chocolate| 4%| 57%| 39%

Milk Chocolate| 7% | 52%| 41%

White-colored Chocolate| five per cent | 51%| 43%


| |


Multiple sources were chosen for developing this kind of including,, and other online resources. Almost all credits stay with their individual owners although the information has been modified.

4. 0 Candy Manufacturing Procedure

1) Ingredient of chocolate

Cocoa mass, cocoa rechausser, sugar and milk dust are the main ingredient with the chocolate....


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