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 Class Room Declaration Essay


School Identity: Roosevelt Elementary School _

Institution District: Father christmas Ana Unified School Section _

Particular date of Declaration: May 5th 2012 _

Number of Pupils enrolled: 10 _ Participating: 10 _ Special Education Categories: Autistic, Learning Impaired, Attention Deficit, Conversation and _Language Impairment _ Time of Declaration: from almost 8: 00 was _ to _ 9: 45 i am _

Day time of the Week: Friday _

______________________________________________________________________________ CLASS ENVIRONMENT

1 . Bulletin Panels

-The bulletins boards the teacher experienced in her classroom had been mostly helpful. There was one particular about collection information about all their local public library. Another was the lunch time menu to get the month of May well. There was also a bulletin intended for the parents regarding free British classes kept at the local community middle.

2 . Display of Student Work

-Student work was displayed all over the walls. This kind of included reports they had made as a school and also specific work. On each assignment was to write about Clifford the big reddish dog. Every student received a positive comment on their task and an image of themselves to attach with their personal operate.

3. Bonus Charts

-One example of an incentive chart was the homework graph and or chart. This quantity chart urged the students to do homework everyday of the week to get a opportunity to earn a reward on Friday's.

4. Exceptional Education equipment

-I did not see virtually any equipment that did not look like it belonged an average class room.

5. Technology

-Students use 45 minutes per week in the computer lab undertaking language disciplines and 85 minutes weekly doing math. They college students knew exactly what to do after they logged on to the computers. A few students favored language arts over mathematics but willingly completed all their time.

6. Neatness and cleanliness

-The classroom was very well structured. Toys and books were well set aside in their correct shelves. The teacher made sure the student cleansed up his/her messes as soon as they finished their very own Mother's Day activity. In addition, she had palm sanitizer and tissues onto her desk handy for the students.

7. Overview

-When I actually walked in their classroom I fully felt like it absolutely was early elementary grades. There are lots of glowing colors and different shapes all around the room. The teacher did an extremely good-job of combining her lesson program into entertaining activities for the children.


1 ) Student Routine

7: 30-8: 00am-----Breakfast

eight: 00-9: 00am-----Circle Time

ELD- Oral Vocabulary

Money/Number Idea

9: 00-9: 50am-----Language Arts/Reading Groups

9: 50-10: 10am----Recess

10: 10-10: 30am---Storytime

12: 30-11: 00am---K-Reading

11: 00-11: 20am---K-Math

10: 30-11: 20am---1, two Language Disciplines

11: 20-11: 45am---Content

10: 45-12: 30pm---Lunch/Recess

12: 30-1: 00pm-----Math

1: 00-1: 30pm-------Spelling

1: 30-2: 00pm-------Individualize

2: 00pm-------------Dismissal

installment payments on your Student Movements

-The class was build with different stations including, the rug wherever they techniques language artistry, their personal desks, groundwork tables, and math furniture. Throughout the entire day they realized where to go for the next part of day time.

3. Designated Seating

-The seating graph was in respect to where teacher believed the students may behave all their selves. For example , the girls lay next to one another and were well behaved but , a few of the boys could hardly be sitting down next to one another so were seated within a desk with a single seat.

4. Collection

-The college students read aloud as a class and if an individual was not staying in touch the instructor would make these people start throughout as a class. This is on example of group work. But in reality had specific goals including learning all their grade, era, lunch quantity, and treat.

a few. Student Materials

-On every students office they had...