Cocaina Cola Analysis

 Coca Diet coke Research Essay

Stand of Contents

3. a few Collect and review info using appropriate methods, which includes primary and secondary exploration techniques2

3. 4 Evaluate and understand appropriate qualitative and quantitative data2

some. 1 Record findings within an accepted structure and 5. 2 Present and sum up the findings using ideal methods3

four. 3 Evaluate the methodology utilized and seriously analyze the findings11

four. 4 Offer recommendations based on the conclusions which recognize and justify areas for future research12


3. 3 Gather and review data applying appropriate strategies, including main and supplementary research techniques The specialist used the questionnaire method as his primary study technique. The survey customer survey was modified from my old research created by an Advertising agency regarding effectiveness of advertising and marketing. This survey was then distributed online to a test population within Metro Manila.

And the secondary exploration technique that was used was from the research of Mister. Honorata Ocampo Lee which can be about A comparison of the effectiveness of the physical syndication processess and strategies of Coca Cola bottlers Philippines Inc. and Pepsi Cola items Philippines Incorporation. in selected districts in Manila intended for the year 2001-2003.

a few. 4 Evaluate and interpret appropriate qualitative and quantitative data Quantitative research works on the scientific strategy; the researcher's hypothesis which in turn stated in his study will need to have an attempt in proving and disproving that hypothesis. The information that will be generated can be analyzed mathematically. (Primary and Supplementary research) The researcher employed questionnaire to Qualitative studies concerned with the opinions and feelings; the information that will be accumulated is certainly not set of amounts. It looks at the overall graphic rather than the distinct components. (Primary and Secondary research) four. 1 Record findings within an accepted formatting and 5. 2 Present and sum up the results using suited methods 1 ....

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