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Homework Product 8 Day 3

Financing by GCF

Factor every single polynomial. Check your answer. 1 ) x2 пЂ« 5x x(___ пЂ«пЂ ___пЂ ) 2 . 5m3 пЂ« 45 ___ (___ пЂ« 9) three or more. 15y3 пЂ« 20y5 пЂ­ 10 ___ (3y3 пЂ« 4___ пЂ­пЂ ___пЂ )

4. 10y2 пЂ« 12y3


five. пЂ­12t your five пЂ« 6t


6th. 6x4 пЂ« 15x3 пЂ« 3x2


7. A golf ball is definitely hit way up at a speed of 40 m/s. The expression пЂ­5t2 пЂ« 40t gives the approx . height with the ball following t just a few seconds. Factor this expression. ______________________________________

8. The area of the Hillen family's tv set screen is usually 3x2 пЂ« 24x in2. Factor this polynomial to look for expressions to get the dimensions of their TV SET screen.


Factor the actual common binomial factor in every expression. 9. 4d(d пЂ« 2) пЂ« 9(d пЂ« 2) ________________________________________

10. 12(x пЂ­ 5) пЂ« 7x(x пЂ­ 5)


Element each polynomial. Check your answer. 11. 8c2 пЂ« 7c 12. 3n3 пЂ« 12n2 13. 15x5 пЂ­ 18x




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Holt McDougal Algebra 1

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16. пЂ­8s4 пЂ« 20t3 пЂ­ 28

15. 6n6 пЂ« 18n4 пЂ­ 24n

sixteen. пЂ­5m4 пЂ­ 5m3 пЂ« 5m2




17. A ball is usually hit top to bottom into the air flow using a exercise at a speed of 32 ft/sec. The expression пЂ­16t2 пЂ« 32t gives the ball's height after t seconds. Factor this kind of expression.


18. The region of Margo's laptop computer display is 12x2 пЂ« 3x in2. Aspect this polynomial to find movement for the dimensions of her computer screen.



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