IDEO Case Sudy Answers

 IDEO Case Sudy Answers Essay



1) Just how would you characterize IDEO's process, organization, tradition and administration? IDEO was obviously a firm founded by David Kelley 20 years ago. The achievement that the business achieved was directly associated with the great creativity/innovative process which the company presents. Starting to describe a little the phases with the process, IDEO's product development process follows a number of phases, every one, contains methods like Observation, Brainstorming, Prototyping and Implementation. The method phases happen to be described around the following table: Phase


Core Expertise



(often combined with stage I)


Observation and Brainstorming

Figure out all about the brand new client and its business


(often combined with stage 0)


Prototyping and Brainstorming

Product-focused – can determine the product course, with frequent client feedback. The first rough THREE DIMENSIONAL models of the item are made through this phase. 2



Develop functional prototypes and resolve technical problems. III

Implement (detailed engineering)


Completation from the design and functionability with the product produced. IV

Implement/Manufacturing Liaison


Supervise information like: Prodcution tooling, regulatory approvals and construction of pilot works. Testing the manufacturing feasibility. In this end phase, method formally handed over to the customer

The most important key skills of IDEO happen to be prototyping and brainstorming. By simply prototyping lessons (phase My spouse and i and II) IDEO often can set up a well targeted team and a excellent relationship with client, getting reviews in every stage. IDEO prototyping follow the 3 R's rule " Hard, Rapid and Right! ”, trial/error and citing the innovation rule - " If a photo is worth 1000 words, a prototype may be worth ten thousand”. By Idea, which in an extremely successful program can bring practically 150 new ideas in 40/45 mins, IDEO...


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