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East Peckham Primary College

Inspection survey

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19–20 September 2011

Helen Hutchings

This inspection of the school was carried out under section 5 with the Education Act 2005.

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19–20 September 2011







The governing body

Karen Ray

Lorraine Wickens

6–7 May 2009

Pound Road

East Peckham


TN12 5LH

01622 871268

01622 871729

[email protected] kent. sch. uk

Inspection report:

East Peckham Main School, 19–20 September 2011

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School for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills (Ofsted) manages and inspects to achieve excellence in the proper care of children and young people, in addition to education and skills intended for learners of all ages. It manages and inspects childcare and children's sociable care, and inspects the Children and Relatives Court Expert y Support Service (Cafcass), schools, educational institutions, initial tutor training, wor k-based learning and skills training, mature and community learning, and education and training in prisons and other safeguarded establishments. This assesses council children's providers, and inspects ser vices for cared for children, shielding and kid protection.

Further more copies of the repor to are readily available from the university. Under the Education Act 2006, the school must provide a copy of this report free of charge to certain types of people. A charge certainly not exceeding the complete cost of processing may be created for any other replications supplied. If you would like a copy with this document in a different formatting, such as huge print or perhaps Braille, make sure you telephone 0300 123 4234, or email [email protected] gov. uk.

You might copy all or parts of this kind of document to get non-commercial educational pur positions, as long as you offer details of the cause and day of newsletter and do not customize information in any respect. To receive regular email aler ts regarding new journals, including review repor ts and university inspection reviews, please visit our website and go to ‘Subscribe'. Piccadilly Door

Store St


M1 2WD

Capital t: 0300 123 4234

Textphone: 0161 618 8524

Elizabeth: [email protected] gov. uk

Watts: www.ofsted.gov.uk

© Crown copyright laws 2011

Inspection report:

East Peckham Principal School, 19–20 September 2011

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This inspection was completed by three additional inspectors. The inspectors visited 18 lessons educated by seven teachers and in addition observed devices. They kept meetings with all the Chair with the Governing Human body and rep governors, staff and sets of pupils. They will observed the school's function, and viewed planning paperwork, school assessments, assessment information and pupils' work. Additionally , inspectors received and analysed questionnaires from 66 father and mother and carers as well as others from an example of staff and learners.

The inspection team analyzed many aspects of the school's function. It appeared in detail in a number of key areas.

The progress learners make through the school, especially in mathematics. The use of examination information to set appropriate challenge for all learners to remedy prior underachievement.

The effectiveness of teaching plus the curriculum in interesting and challenging pupils, particularly young boys and the most able.

The potency of the school's analysis of its own efficiency and how this has been used to develop the correct focal points.

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