Presidents 1-10

 Presidents 1-10 Essay

п»ї2nd President Steve Adams

Times: 1797-1801 Politics Party: Federalist Domestic:

Naturalization Act

Strange, Alien Foes Act

Sedition Act


XYZ affair

Remained simple in The french language revolution

Biggest Achievement: Held US out of your French trend

Biggest Inability: Passed the sedition Acts

3rd President Thomas Jefferson

Dates: 1801-1809Party: democratic-republican


Repealed Alien and Sedition Acts

Taken out direct taxes of 1798


Won Barbary battles

Louisiana obtain

Biggest Success: Louis and Clark expedition/ Louisiana Obtain

Biggest Failure: Did not whatever it takes about captivity.

4th Leader James Madison

Dates: 1809-1817 Political Party: Democratic-republican Domestic:

Second Nationwide Bank was created

Tried to decrease National personal debt


Kept US neutral throughout the French war

Helped ALL OF US win the war of 1812

Biggest Achievement: keeping US neutral during the French-Britain war.

Biggest Failure: don't put complete effort in the war of 1812

fifth President Wayne Monroe

Schedules: 1817-1825Party: Democratic-republican


Country tour- usa people following the war

Missouri Compromise

Authorized a bill to extend Cumberland street


Rush–Bagot Treaty of 1817

Annexed Florida

Biggest Achievement: Monroe Doctrine

Biggest Failure: stress of 1819

6th President John Quincy Adams

Dates: 1825-1829Political Get together: Democratic-republican


Tariff of abominations

Lowered National personal debt from $15 to $5 million

Suggested an Internal Improvement program.


Signed treaties with many nations around the world to increase trading

Tried to deal with trade difficulties with British west-Indies

Biggest Achievements: Tariff of Abominations

Biggest Failure: He didn't place much effort in solving country's international issues 7th President Toby Jackson

Times: 1829-1837Political Get together: Democratic




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