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The Great Angels can be novel about the American Civil War told by the men who fought. The battle happened in Gettysburg. On September 1, 1863 the Confederate Army conducted the Union army. The story begins using a spy arriving at Longstreet notify him that Union army is transferring near. Robert E. Shelter, commander of the Confederate army; General Wayne Longstreet, Lee's second in command; and Union Colonel Joshua L. Chamberlain. The Battle of Gettysburg struggling with on Tiny Round Best. Longstreet's concentrate was main defense. Getting in the North the Confederate army cannot successfully conquer the Union. The Union army was much larger compared to the Confederate armed service. Longstreet planed was to wait behind rock walls in addition to ditches likewise cut down the enemy. Lee wishes to airstrike out in the wide open, honorably, and defeat the enemy with good technical. The comparable between Joshua Chamberlain and John Buford, there are the two good men with superb leadership. They will care for guys and friends and family. Chamberlain was well educated. Buford didn't look after school having been ready for challenges. Chamberlin and Buford had taken pride in their job. Buford is the 1st soldier to arrive in Gettysburg. When Chamberlin men's sold out of rounds, he orders them take charge, and during he injured his foot. Chamberlain's unit was placed at the center of the Union line, and Chamberlain understands it a exciting encounter. He looks ahead to more battle. Robert Elizabeth. Lee was often tired but had huge dignity and a polite fashion. Lee was successful armed forces leader, Shelter soldiers was confident of victory for Gettysburg. Adam Longstreet was obviously a stubborn man with greatest