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In the beginning from the book Ged's pride and arrogance is usually apparent right away. The first major exhibiting of this can be when he 1st looks through Ogion's means to find a nature spell to exhibit off to get the daughter of the Full. Next, Ged left Ogion because he would not believe having been teaching him enough. Ged thought that he deserved the was also good to master at the sluggish pace. This all backfires when along the way of again trying to prove his prominence and " expertise” releases a fatal shadow in the land. After coming out of his seeming forever lasting coma, Ged's persona seemed like it had altered like night and day. Early on Ged was identified as a, " Prideful effective child”(3) we all believe this matches Ged very well. He don't even know the girl that he was trying to impress but he still felt like he previously to show away. This is a first-rate example of exactly where Geds pride and world of one show through the tiny maturity he has. When snooping through Ogions cause book Ged finds slightly drawing of some sort of animal inside the corner. That leads to the next model. The shadow. Ged left Ogion because he felt like Ogion wasn't teaching him these enormous spells this individual thought this individual could control. Ogion after that gave Ged the choice either to leave him or stay when he stated, " This is certainly part of the issue with you, pride, if you think you're awesome yet others don't, you get doing stupid things to prove them wrong”(27)Ged young unmatured mind, Ged picked to leave. What Ged don't realize is the fact Ogion was not trying to train him spells, but to instruct him lifestyle lessons such as patience and how to control his powers and maintain his satisfaction under control. Which will clearly Ged failed all. As Ged as full grown through experimentation, he features clearly looked back on his lower than ideal alternatives.